​​​​​​Hand Harvested Chiltipen Chiles


"When ​Growing up on the Mexican border, I knew plenty of people who had a chiltepin plant or two in their yards, and there was always a bottle of pickled peppers on our kitchen table. But it wasn’t until I got to know Linda that I truly learned to appreciate the subtleties of the chiltepin. Her recipes are creative and contemporary, yet always with a nod to tradition, and her deep appreciation for and understanding of the life cycle and cultivation of the tiny red balls of fire is unparalleled. She is a wonderful teacher. The chiltepin plant thriving under the mesquite tree in my back yard came from seeds Linda gave me, and I think of her whenever I harvest.”

Marilyn Noble,  
Communications Director, American Grassfed Association,
and Slow Food Ark of Taste Southwest/Mountain Co-Chair

Author,   Southwest Comfort Food, Slow and Savory
The Essential Southwest Cookbook

"Linda is a fearless culinary crusader.   When visiting her ranch in Mexico to ride with vaqueros, I felt (I was) transported to very old New World foods and food traditions.  I met women in the local village,cooked in their kitchens, and  felt like I'd discovered a hidden branch of my own family tree.  

Linda deeply understands the connections between food and people.  I learn something new from her every time we cook together, or work together on a project. She is an excellent educator, never keeps the information to herself, and enjoys sharing foods and culinary skills with others.  She is great at making people feel welcome and accepted with any questions they ask."

Cheralyn Schmidt, Chef

Horticulture Agent/Local Foods Agent
Durham County, NC

"Several years ago when I needed to know about chiltepines, I asked Linda for guidance. Since then she has been my go-to expert on these spicy little nuggets. Now she is partnering with traditional gatherers to provide us with an authentic organic product. Order her chiltepines and then try some of her creative recipes. You’ll enter a whole new world of flavor."

Carolyn Niethammer, Author  Cooking the Wild Southwest,  The Prickly Pear Cookbook, The Tumblewood Gourmet ​Novelist, Food Blooger.