​​​​​​Hand Harvested Chiltipen Chiles

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Now let’s get to it:  Wild Chile Choices for Reclaiming your Wild
1) Bulk Pricing Available - the price varies from year to year depending on weather conditions - (* see below).         Just contact us at timecapsulekitchen@gmail.com and we’ll get you the quanity you need. 

2)  1/2 OZ    Wild Chile Starter Size  - 1 for $8.00 or 2 for $14.00 
                     (more economical and great as a refill for your reusable grinder) 

3) 1 OZ  Wild  Chile plus Grinder - 1 for $12.00

For ease and no risk of burning eyes or “sensitive areas”.  A turn or two should do it for most uses or recipes.

We have chosen to go with a modern grinder instead of the ironwood grinders traditionally used, as ironwood habitat is dwindling and it is an exploited species. 

Whether you are an individual, family, restauranteur, or chocolate or coffee shop owner, Time Capsule Kitchen is thrilled to provide you with a volume
that meets your particular needs.   

* Please note that the Wild Chile Harvest, which is between late September-December, varies from year to year. Plants are affected by the climate conditions, which means that the volume available may vary year to year as well. The chiles are just recovering from a disastrous freeze a few Februaries ago. This year looks promising so far - of course all eyes are cast upwards awaiting the rains. 

Because of the rare nature of these chiles, and all that it takes to hand harvest them, they are more expensive than most domesticated chiles. But despair not!  You'll soon find that your dollar actually stretches.  How?  At Time Capsule Kitchen we think of chiltepin as the economical-expensive chile because you need so darned little to get such a great flavor. You really only need 1 or 2 tiny chiltepin in most dishes to get a satisfying flavor, as compared to many domesticated chiles where more volume is required.  

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1) For Your Hands: the heat in any chile, whether wild or domestic, is in the oil on the seeds themselves, not on the red fruit. When you touch the chile, some of that oil transfers to your fingers. Please take care not to rub your eyes, touch your children faces, rub your pets, or pee, or enjoy intimate activities, without thoroughly washing your hands. With soap. If you read this and then forget to wash your hands - (or chortle, shake your head, and disregard),  then I predict, (though I am not a fortune teller), that you will make that mistake only once.  Pain is not an overstatement. The heat in chiles is real, and chiltepin is high on the heat spectrum.  
**The Take Away: Giggle and snuffle at the admonition to wash your hands, and then go wash them anyway. 

2)  For your Mouth:  
Fats, not water, will help most when you feel too much heat in your mouth.  I learned this in India years ago with some strong curry: reaching for a gulp of water actually makes it worse. I am not exactly sure why, but it may be that water spreads the oil, and makes the situation worse. Fats on the other hand CALM the heat. Try something with fat in it - like milk, yogurt, peanut butter or other nut butters, avocado, cheese … these will cool the heat more quickly.